Popular hangar:

Destima – popular hangar: for agriculture, logistics, manufacturing and business.

The hangar must be rigid, not permeable to water and resistant to external conditions. We install hangars which withstand 1, 2 KN/m2 and 1, 6 KN/m2 (respectively 120 kg/m2 and 160 kg/m2) snow load regions. We also focus on III wind load region. This means that our buildings can withstand strong winds and storms.

The hangars are built in a way so they can be insulated at any time. Insulation materials and properties depend on the needs of clients. Sometimes there are cold and not warm hangars necessary, which are not permeable to heat in the summertime (the time gets hot because of the heat – that is for sure) and maintains a certain cool temperature. Such hangars are necessary for the sector of agriculture and certain storages. The manufacturing sector usually needs opposite conditions – a warm hangar so there could be favourable conditions established for people to work.

Popular hangar is named as such because this construction is often chosen by our clients, who want a long-term, rigid and universal building, which may be easily adapted for the very different needs.

The hangar has large movable gates with small doors for the entrance of the employees. It can be installed with special holes for lighting in the walls and ceiling if there is a need for natural lighting. There is also a fine ventilation installed in the hangar.

We design and install the hangars in accordance with ISO EN1090 standard. Production meets Technical Regulation of Construction and Euro code requirements. Our hangars meets the requirements imposed by the Construction Inspectorate, therefore there are no problems due to the suitability for use.

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Galvanized or painted supporting structure


Quite light-weight construction


Available layers: multilayer tin, shaped tin


10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 25, 30 meter Standard widths


Built in 5-7 weeks

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Easily insulated

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