Rigid hangar:

We build rigid hangars with steep walls to the needs and technical requirements of the client.

Rigid hangar is a specific building in the sector of agriculture. Despite the fact that steel constructions are quite rigid in all the types of hangars made by the company JSC „Destima“, this hangar has a unique feature – a possibility to build the supporting walls from concrete. There are additional constructions installed and a possibility for pouring concrete for walls. They are made to the selected height, it is not necessary to make them solid from the bottom to the top. The height of pouring the concrete depends on the need of the client and selected requirements of storage systems. We have been working with reliable partners of concrete works, therefore we may assure that the walls will be installed in a qualitative manner, in accordance with all the technical requirements. Storage systems are built within to the needs and plans of the clients.

Such rigid hangars are very popular in the area of agriculture as there may be free-flowing products stored in them – various grains, feeds, fertilizers, etc. Also, these hangars are chosen by the storages of certain specialisations as there may be materials not used in the agriculture kept in them.

We have been building hangars since 2008, therefore we work in an effective and professional manner. Our works are given guaranties in accordance with the Construction law of the Republic of Lithuania. The constructions are made using qualitative materials and in accordance with ISO EN1090 standard. The production meets Technical Regulation of Construction and Euro code requirements.

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Galvanized or painted supporting structure


Available layers: tilt, shaped tin and multilayer plates


Easily installed walls and stored grain system for the storage of free-flowing products


10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 25, 30 meter standard widths


Simple maintenance of the building, no inaccessible spaces


There are no unnecessary spaces therefore it is easy to disinfect and clean

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